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TGA licensed contract manufacturer for therapeutic and cosmetic products.

Whilst our history is in aloe vera and aloe vera products, this has become just one facet of our business. Over the last 20 years our business has evolved and grown to encompass many other processes and products - and they don't have to have aloe vera in them!

TGA Licensed contract manufacturer

Aloe Vera Industries has held their GMP license since the inception of the TGA. During this period it has undergone the exacting audits that are implicit in the licensing requirements that need to be met.

This approach to quality and detail flows through all products manufactured by us, not just the therapeutic products. We cannot discriminate in our quality standards.

Liquids, Creams and Gels

We specialise in the production of liquids, creams and gels; packed into an assortment of bottles, tubes and jars.

Our current customer base includes some well known brands, as well as many smaller specialist products, encompassing the following types of products – just to name a few;

  • General skin care, such as cleanser and moisturisers
  • Alcoholic hand sanitisers
  • Sun screens
  • Hair products
  • Insect repellents

Our site

We're starting to set up our web site as facility for those wishing to find out more about the prerequisites for entering into a contract manufacturing agreement, and will be providing a number of preliminary documents which may be useful for those considering this type of service in the near future. Please be patient as we collect more material for this section, and if you're uncertain about anything that's here, drop us a line, we'll be happy to answer all of your questions!

So have a look around, let us know what you think, or simply give us a call to see how we can help your business!

Best Wishes
Your Friendly AVI Team

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